Saturday, October 15, 2016

Coffee Kapora...

As you all know, I've been making my Shabbat coffee in advance when I'm hankering for cold coffee Shabbat morning. Yesterday, Friday morning, I perked a nice big pot of coffee, let it cool and it filled two jars, one to the top, and the other a bit less. I knew that would give me more than enough coffee for Shabbat and figured I could drink the rest tomorrow morning/Monday.

So I started with the less full jar and had a nice mug full which perked me up and poured the rest into the mug for my second, but there wasn't enough. So I took out the other jar from the bottom shelf of the door, and somehow it just slipped out of my hand and dropped just a few inches, and... you guess it... crash!

It was all over the floor, my nice strong, delicious perk-me-up coffee... Splash! So, I mopped it all up, best as I could, and very carefully collected the glass and placed it all in the garbage and the pail of wet things to be laundered, and made do with a different sort of coffee, which I'll blog about tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned...

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