Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Photo Experiment on My Virus "Cure"

Let's "kill two birds with one stone" as the saying goes...

  • this is a health post, a natural health cure
  • experimenting with simple settings on my camera, Canon IXUS 145
For years I've been using a very simple "cure" for "colds" and other viral annoyances. I drink water, tap-room temperature, that has freshly squeezed lemon juice added. Yesterday, I, davka, added another simple natural ingredient, a bit of fresh ginger. And since then my "scratchy, then painful throat has softened into a runny nose, but my hip now hurts a bit. Actually it hurts less now than earlier in the day. And Gd willing this little "virus" will soon be gone. 

Now for the photo experiment. 

no flash
1/50 sec. f/3.2 5mm, ISO 800
flash fired
1/60 sec. f/3.2 5mm, ISO 125
Slow Sync flash mode
1/10 sec. f/9 5mm, ISO 500
These photos are totally untouched, unedited, not even cropped. So you can see that I was the same distance from the glass mug when I shot the pictures. All three were done at the sametime, with barely seconds between them. All adjustments were done automatically by the camera. All I did was choose the flash mode from none, flash and slow sync.

Which do you like better? 


Rickismom said...

The best lighting here you would probably get by using an off- camera light (not overhead) from the side with a spare lamp. Addition of whiie poster on the other side would give a bit of blendong in of reflected light from the second side. The slow-synch does nothing as your subject is not moving. The slow synch is good for catching the subject at the end of a moving shot (like light trails), Your slow sunch shot being 1/10th of a sec. Gives you a figher f stop which goves you depth of focus but assuming you have no tripod you need to set it on a firm surface and use delayed timer to avoid camera shake. As it is here it is less sharp.

Batya said...

Thanks for the explanation.