Thursday, October 13, 2016

How Can I Report This?

The other day when I was walking from the bus stop at the First Station, the old Jerusalem Train Station which has become a lovely activity, leisure place with restaurants and more, on my way to my husband's office in the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, I found myself being forced to walk on the busy road because of a truck parked on the sidewalk.

I really felt in danger, since it's a very busy road with buses, cars, trucks etc. so I took those photos. I figured that if Gd forbid something happened to me in my attempt to walk down the street, the camera's memory card would survive. I needed to be on that side of the street, and I was in a rush, so walking back and looking for a place to cross the street and then crossing back just didn't seem very practical. Thank Gd, as I walked, cars stopped for me to pass the truck and get back on the sidewalk.

My greatest danger ended up being the driver who returned to the truck just as I took these pictures. He wasn't a happy camper and kept yelling at me. That really frightened me. So I got to the Begin Center as quickly as I could and hoped and prayed that he was far away when I exited and waited for my next bus.

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