Monday, July 03, 2017

Summer Treat, Cold Brew Coffee

Last summer I discovered a new coffee-making technique, Cold Brew Coffee.  Apparently, there are a number of ways to do it, anything from tying the coffee grounds in a clean cloth (like for cheesemaking) or piece of stocking, just make sure there's no detergent, thing for holding tea leaves in water or French Press. Since I have a nice big French Press, that's what I use.

Today I finally drank some.

At first it looks like the coffee will be too light.

But in the morning after a nice stir, you can see that it brewed perfectly while sitting in the refrigerator.

And it tastes absolutely delicious. 

For Shabbat's cold coffee, when it is forbidden to use a filter, I simply perc a nice large quantity, and when it has cooled enough. Then I pour the coffee into glass jars to put in the fridge. That way it's ready and waiting for me in the morning.

And I'll let you in on one more little coffee secret. You don't need hot water to make instant coffee. Stir it in cold water; add your usual sugar/milk plus a few ice cubes, and you'll be surprised at how good it can be... That is of course if you have an instant you like.

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