Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fun in Pisgat Zeev Mall

Yesterday I was in Jerusalem for the day and ended it in the Pisgat Zeev Mall, which is a relatively small one. It's also the easiest to get to from Shiloh or as a "last stop before going home," which was yesterday's occasion.

I'm generally surprised at how empty the mall is. Some storefronts are empty, and even the Bank Leumi left, although other banks still have branches in the mall. Downstairs there's a "Shufar Sal Deal" and a "Superpharm" among the clothing, shoes, jewelry and phone stores.  FOX has their clothing departments, but not a FOX HOME, but there's a Naaman Outlet and Home Center.

Unlike most malls, there are few places to get a meal. Most of the restaurants have closed. There are food places in Pisgat Zeev which apparently the locals prefer to entering the mall. Actually, there are lots of neighborhood stores, not the usual chains, in Pisgat Zeev on the street of the mall, the nearby center and also the other neighborhoods. Pisgat Zeev and neighboring Neve Yaakov are more like a separate city, than a couple of neighborhoods, in terms of population and services.

On a hot summer day, like yesterday, the children's entertainment in the mall seemed like a perfect solution to "What should we do with the children today?" summer vacation dilemma. I was surprised that there weren't more kids there. 

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