Monday, July 17, 2017

Partying in Shiloh, Ladies Only

Last night was a big party for the women of Shiloh to thank one of the neighbors for doing an amazing job for decades. She had been the "balanit," the mikvah lady ever since the first mikvah was constructed in Shiloh over thirty-six years ago. 

Think about it. She worked six to seven nights a week all those years. For twenty-something of those years she had a replacement one night a week. She missed weddings, meetings, social events and more. Every night she was busy, rain. shine or snow, war or peace. During the Gulf War, since there wasn't a "safe room," tvila" was by appointment so she wouldn't have to sit there alone.

Her daughters spoke about what it was like to be raised in a home where their mother was never home in the evening. They knew she couldn't make it to school meetings, performances, etc and they put themselves to bed. They were also trained never to ask who was on the phone asking to talk to their mother.

Now two young women, both raised in Shiloh, will be sharing the job that she held on her own. It's funny to think that such an important position will now be held by women the age of my youngest child. But considering that he's a championship American IFL Football coach, so he's not all that young...

Shiloh is a thriving and growing community, thank Gd. It's really thrilling to see that there are so many young families moving here. That is the comfort when I look around realizing that I don't know everyone, and they are so young...

After the speeches and thanks, some women swam and the rest of us allowed ourselves the "treats," manicures, massage, make-up, reflexology and socializing.

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