Thursday, July 06, 2017

Entertaining Evening in The Israel Museum

Last night I joined with thousands of others at a beautifully entertaining evening in the Billy Rose Gardens of the Israel Museum.

We were davka entertained by one of the newest and most veteran Israeli singing sensations. The main attraction was Yehoram Gaon, who has been an Israeli favorite for half a century. He sang and spoke, as if he was shooting the breeze with old friends, which in a sense we all were. He even cracked some jokes at his own expense, recognizing that he's an "antique" of sorts. More sadly he mentioned that the singers he started out with are no longer in This World.

Yehoram Gaon's performance was an old time Israeli style singalong, and the lyrics were posted on the enormous screens framing the stage.

The opening act was a young couple, young enough to be Yehoram Gaon's grandchildren. They are known as "Yonina" and came to people's attention not very long ago when they began posting their singing on facebook.  They sang in Hebrew, English and even some original songs. They are marvelous, and the audience was impressed, especially  those who had never before heard of them.

As is customary at Israeli events, there was a "pop up" minyan as soon as it had become dark enough, just before the show began. 

I must say that the crowd was extremely well behaved and seemed to enjoy both parts of the show. 

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