Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What a Difference 7 Hours Make, Cold Brew Coffee

I didn't get a very early start with today's cold brewed coffee, since I was out all day yesterday and only washed out the French Press late at night. This is what it looked like when I poured simple tap water on the regular American ground coffee. Yes, it looks pretty pale and pathetic. Then I covered it with some plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge. 

About seven hours later I removed it, and look at how dark it got.

After admiring and photographing it, I gave it a stir, pushed down the plunger and am enjoying the coffee as I type this post! That's how easy it is to make cold brewed coffee with a French Press. The hardest part is remembering to prepare it in advance. And for me the logistics of making sure I'm supplied with good coffee is sometimes complicated.  But once it becomes routine, you're set.

PS I noticed that some of the FOX Homes in Jerusalem still have the giant French Press, which they incorrectly call "percolators" for sale half price.


Sharon said...

Do you drink the coffee cold? You don't heat it up?

Batya said...

I drink it cold. That's the point of it. Amazing flavor when brewed this way.

Lawrence Feldman said...

How much is Fox charging? And do you find that cold brew requires ore ground coffee than an equivalent amount of regular hot coffee? Thanks

Batya said...

I think the 1.5 liter is about ns90 after discount.