Thursday, July 20, 2017

"With the Greatest of Ease," Acrobats!

For modesty's sake, you have mostly shadows to see, but they do give a taste of the amazing acrobatics performance I saw the other night in Shiloh. I know that some of the women who performed so daringly on the "sashes" and swings wouldn't want me to post anything very recognizable, so I photographed their shadows, which do give a good idea of how impressive they are. 

Most of the women who performed have only been studying this form of acrobatics, or anything like it, for less than a year. 

I was very impressed, and in all honesty, I'm not tempted to join up next year, not even if I was a generation or more younger. This sort of sport is not my cup of tea for two reasons.

  • You must be fearless.
  • You must have really good upper body strength. 
I fail both those tests, especially the first. The second can be rectified with proper training. I'm terrified of doing anything like this. The "monkey bars" wasn't my favorite place in the playground as a kid. But I have a feeling that some of my children would be tempted and certainly some of my granddaughters. One granddaughter took gymnastics this past year, and I attended her end of year show. That made me nervous enough, since it can be a dangerous sport.

As the very first girls gym teacher here in Shiloh, I must congratulate the teacher of this club for doing an excellent job.


Miriam-Feyga Bunimovich said...

The coach is the tremendous Tzipporah Aloni. She is the founder and owner of Maof circus that offers classes for women and girls in a number of Shomeron settlements. She is from an English-speaking family and lives in Aish Kodesh. She's my hero, everyone's of us in the class hero.

I first saw her about three or four years ago performing under the sky of Ancient Shiloh at the Dancing in the Vineyards festival. I was stunned and decided I would do that one day. And much later I was surprised to reveal that she's moved from Keduimim closer to Shiloh and opened a class here.

Tzipporah is raising another generation of inspired coaches. She's really special and inspiring. I've been thinking about making an article on her...

Batya Medad said...

Thanks so much for the additional information.