Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Indoor "Picnic" Spot in Jerusalem

Yesterday I had to travel to Jerusalem just before lunchtime, and I took food with me. It was my usual cooked vegetables with some techina paste. Especially since I really am trying to get my weight down again, I must bring food and not buy whenever possible. But because of the heatwave, the idea of eating outdoors just didn't appeal to me.

A week or two ago, I had breakfast at a table in Center 1 very early in the morning, before the nearby food place was open. That wouldn't work yesterday, since it was midday.

Luckily, I noticed some girls sitting and eating at a table that wasn't next to any food joint. I decided to find a place there, too, which I did. In the end nobody bothered me or sent me packing.

The only problem was that my food was frozen. I had left it in the freezer too long after making it that same morning.

I presume that these tables are for customers of the various "fast food" places in Center 1, and I'm glad that nobody stopped me from sitting there. I really needed to eat in a nice relaxed way and not holding my food container in my hands or on my lap.

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