Wednesday, January 17, 2018

3 Self-Portraits

I've been a member of 52Frames, the weekly photography challenge for quite a long time. And amazingly, bli eyin haraa, I've an unbroken streak since the week I was accepted as a member. Way back when, the time I joined, you couldn't just "join." You had to be accepted.

We're given a couple of week's notice as to what the theme/challenge will be, except for the first week of the year, when the tradition is a Self-Portrait. The first few years I'd freak out in hysterics about it. But this year I found myself with three very different shots to choose from. They were all taken in the Israel Museum. Here's the one I chose:

Yes, that's me. I took this photo of myself at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. It was just for practice but ended up the best compared to the rest.
I am an active retiree always looking to learn new things. Does it show?

Following are the two others:

What do you think? Did I choose well, or should I have sent in one of the others? And why?

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