Friday, January 05, 2018

Before The Storm

Way back when, weather would take us totally by surprise. Sometimes we'd look at a sunset or sunrise and "predict" rain or dry weather, but the odds of our getting it right were about as bad as the weather forecasts on the news. This, of course, predated the internet, computers, smartphones and all the apps.

But in recent years, weather forecasts are sometimes spookily accurate, like when the app forecasts snow beginning to fall at 10am, and it actually does. So now people go totally bonkers "preparing" for forecasted rain storms, blizzards etc. Yes, even me.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take the recycling garbage to our little neighborhood recycling "center." I noticed a neighbor there:
"Are you also here now instead of tomorrow?" I asked her.
"Yes, if it's going to be stormy, I don't want to leave my house." She answered.

Usually, I get rid of all the boxes, bottles etc right before Shabbat, on Friday afternoon, but I had no desire to go out in the rainstorm if there really was going to be one. Nor did I want all the "junk" to stay in the house.

And, yes, it is raining today, windy, too. I plan on staying home, and I'll do my walking by walking in the house. The forecast is for rain and wind until tomorrow afternoon or evening. Considering that we've had drought most winters in recent years, I'm not complaining. I just pray that our electricity with hold up, since we have no alternative for cooking, heating and light.

Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach,
May You have a Peaceful and Blessed Sabbath

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