Monday, January 08, 2018

Menu Bloopers

Why is it so difficult for Israeli restaurant owners to pay someone competent to check the English every time they change a menu or update their website? This is from a big restaurant chain. We ate in the Hadar Mall branch where we just couldn't ignore these mistakes.

And maybe I'm just stupid, but what is "ciabatta?" According to Professor Google, it's some sort of bread. Standard food has sure changed over the decades. But that's still no excuse for "TUNS ANDWICH" and "other practices."

What's your favorite menu typo?


Sandra said...

My favourite in Israel, is clopped liver. I imagine the Yiddish speaker clopping it to death. As for Ciabatta bread. It’s common in the UK as the Italians who came to live here brought it with them. It’s a very open textured yet crusty bread. I really like it for a sandwich. When you think that Israel is made up of so many natural English speakers, I can never fathom why the menus are so poor!

Batya said...

Aas a former English Teacher here, I know that the Israeli self-confidence makes for some crazy mistakes. But considering all the money it cost to open a business, getting a good English editor/writer is bupkes. Most of us would do it in exchange for a free meal.