Saturday, January 06, 2018

Being Prepared for Electricity Problems

I gave up pretty quickly this past week when looking for Shabbat guests. It only took a couple of "negatives" to stop me in my tracks. The weather forecast was for winds, and everyone was told to prepare for "power outages," aka being without electricity. Considering that we only have electric heaters and electricity for cooking, I figured that possible guests wouldn't be very happy if the house and food were cold, plus dark and dingy.

We stocked up on "yartzeit candles" that claimed 48 and 72 hours of light. I lit two in the kitchen where I work and two by the Shabbat candles. And when I lit the Shabbat ones, I lit a lot more than usual, so in case the electricity went out while we were eating, there'd be some light.

This photo was taken after Shabbat before I put out the 48 hour candles
And now to tell you that it was just a regular rainy winter Shabbat, no drama. We had electricity, thank Gd. It was drizzling when I walked out to take a walk, so I just walked back in.  A "lazy Shabbat" is allowed on occasion. I did make it to shul and to my usual shiur, class.

Shavua Tov
Have a Wonderful Week

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