Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sometimes Even I Wait

You may know that I hate waiting. It drives me nuts, but there are times when even I wait.

You may know that I try to walk a lot even up the hill to my house, but there are times when I wait for a ride.

Walking is great, but schlepping isn't.

Yes, there was no way that I could have safely walked home with those heavy bags.  So I waited for a ride. Within a minute a former student of mine came by. He actually needed to go in the opposite direction, but he wanted to help, and I didn't refuse the offer.


Netivotgirl said...

You have the most remarkable siyata dishmaya with rides dear Batya! It's amazing! I just worry about you waiting alone at these bus stops. But Am Yisrael needs your blogs so you DO get these 'kfitzot derech' and shmira! May Hashem continue to send you rides whenever you need them and watch over you!

Batya said...

Darling, this was in the middle of Shiloh. Not even I am crazy enough to attempt to carry bags up that hill. But there are times I've waited an hour or more in Sha'ar Binyamin, so unless I expect a bus I try never to wait there. But thank Gd I do get home and to wherever, which is most important.