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Friday, April 1, 2011

What A Smart Phone

This morning we're on "summer time," aka daylight savings time.  Last night we, here in Israel, had to set our clocks/watches etc an hour ahead and lose an hour's sleep.

On the bus back to Shiloh from the IFL All Stars Game, in which the South (Kings, Lions, Rebels and Black Swarm) beat the North (Sabres, Underdogs, Pioneers and Hammer) 48 to 22 (if I got the score right) I set my watch ahead and wondered what to do with my cellphone.  Would I have to manually set it ahead or will it happen by magic?

It really wouldn't be such a serious issue if my phone wasn't my alarm clock. Do I want that "extra hour" before Shabbat or not?

Actually, I did/do, so I began searching through my phone's internal set-up instructions/options to discover if it's written any place in any way that I can comprehend.  It didn't take me long to get into time change and see that I (the phone) was set up for "automatic updates."  Nu?  Could that be it? I decided to leave it in the Hand of G-d.  If G-d wants me to sleep an "extra hour," it won't automatically go into "summer time," and if G-d wants me to have that "extra hour" to prepare for Shabbat, I'll be woken up by the alarm at 5am Israeli Daylight Savings Time.

When the alarm woke me, it was still very dark, not the way it was at that very time just the day before.  What a smart phone to change the hour all by itself...


Isreview said...

Its better than what happened with my Black Berry ...Last Friday Black Berry decided we changed the clock, yes a week early and it jumped ahead and woke me an hour early...
Sorry for your early awakening today:(

Batya said...

I guess your blackberry was set for a different country. I'm glad to have been woken up on time on Friday.