Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sandwich Spreads, Be Creative

Those of you who have f2f'ed my husband recently must have noticed that he has been shrinking, width-wise.  Yes, he, too, has changed his way of eating and is dieting.  Just after the doctor sent him off to the dietician for instructions, we had a friend over for Shabbat who gave us the best advice possible.  He told me that it was my job to prepare all of my husband's food.

So, now, I have to provide my husband with his "food for the day," so he's never tempted to buy a pizza or pig-out on cakes, cookies etc.  When he leaves early in the morning, for about twelve or more hours, I send him with a yogurt, two fruits and two "diet" sandwiches.  When he gets home, he has a full dinner of protein, vegetables, starch and salad.

The sandwiches can be filled with things as simple as avocado or even peanut butter. But sometimes I get creative, like this morning.  I mashed up a hard-boiled egg with a spoon of sesame paste and a spoon of "grilled" eggplant from a jar.  This is much better than using mayonnaise.  It's healthier and tastier.  I then wrapped the sandwiches separately in clear plastic. 

All this takes no more than a few minutes. 

My meals to go are more complicated, because I don't eat bread/carbohydrates.

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