Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Guest Post: The Healthiest Hamantaschen

The Healthiest Hamantaschen
by Hadassa DeYoung, K'far Darom/Elon Moreh

I usually call them oznei Haman, but this alliterated nicely.

Instead of using a cookie dough base, use your favorite roll (as in small yeast bread) recipe for the base of the oznei Haman. I recommend using a whole wheat dough with olive oil and za'atar.
For the filling, chop in a food processor whole garlic, green olives and black olives in whichever proportion suits you. Onions may also be used, but I prefer garlic, which also isn't as hard to check for bugs. Add a bit of olive oil if the mixture seems dry. It should be as moist as any filling for oznei Haman.

Form the oznei Haman in the traditional way:
  • 1) Roll dough to a thickness of 0.6 cm-¼ inch
  • 2) Using a glass or large round cookie cutter cut circles of dough about 6.3-7.6 cm-2 ½ - 3 inches in diameter
  • 3) Place filling in the center of a circle of dough. Do not overfill. Leaky oznei Haman are unattractive. Eat your prototypes and give the perfectly shaped ones.
  • 4) Fold the edges of the circle towards the center so that the resulting shape is an equilateral triangle with rounded corners.
Google for more complete shaping instructions including pictures.
Baking time will vary depending on the bread recipe. Check frequently as oznei Haman are relatively thin and therefore bake more quickly than most rolls.
Be sure to put in your holiday greeting note a mention that the oznei Haman are bread, not cookies.


Hadassa said...

Make these with Batya's Quick and Easy Vegetable Soup and you'll have mishlochei manot for Purim that will be welcomed and can be served with almost any meal.

Batya said...

Great idea! thanks