Monday, March 21, 2011

Mishloach Manot From G-d

Last night when I opened the door to go to Megillah reading #3, I suddenly saw that it was raining.  It was a very gentle rain and I hadn't heard it.  I quickly grabbed an umbrella and walked down the hill* to the neighbors, where I really like the reading.

Rain is a gift from G-d, so does that make it Mishloach Manot, Purim food gifts?  Sure, why not?

The other day I had to take a detour, and there I discovered more gifts, beautiful flowers:

If I hadn't been forced to take that detour, I never would have seen those spring flowers.

*And when the megilla reading was over, the rain was much stronger, but unlike the previous readings, this time a neighbor from my neighborhood with a car was also there.  So I had a ride home.


Isreview said...

I too was really happy it rained last night:)
Hoping it will be sunny today and then I have problem if it rains again tonight:)

Batya said...

Daniela, I wish I had utilized today's sun to dry laundry. G-d does give us laundry days to save electricty/energy. But we need the rain for the water to wash the clothes. Right?