Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Drink Your Coffee and Eliminate the Guilt

Please excuse me if I seem repetitive.  I'm pretty sure I've blogged this message more than once, but there's nothing more pleasant for me than seeing an article especially on a healthy food site that tells us how healthy coffee is for us.

Over the decades, coffee has gotten a lot of bad press, and it doesn't deserve it.  A few (1-3 or even a bit more, depending on which expert advice you read) cups of coffee is better for your health than none.  Of course, if you hate the flavor or have some other problem with it, don't drink it.  I say the same for all sorts of healthy foods.  Ban the clean plate club, because nobody should be forced to eat or drink anything.  We each have different nutritional needs, and if you raise kids without emotional food baggage, they will naturally develop good food instincts.

We, adults, have to learn how to eat what's best for our individual needs.  I'm glad that I no longer have to feel guilty about my love of coffee.  With rare exceptions, I only drink it in the morning, early in the morning.  That's best for me.


David Tzohar said...

The problem is coffee is addictive. If I miss my morning coffee I have to drag myself through the day. For this reason I drink the first cup even before dovening. On fast days I always get a severe headache. But I'm glad to hear that it's good for you.

Batya said...

Have you tried halving your coffee dose, gradually, at least? Maybe that will help. I can't drink it later in the day, unless it's fake coffee.

Hadassa said...

I have read in a variety of studies that one egg, one cup of coffee and one glass of red wine a day are beneficial. Proper doses of food are just as important as proper doses of medicine.
@David, have you investigated caffeine pills for fast days? Only on Yom Kippur are they a problem.

swag said...

Coffee is irrelevant to human health in moderation. We have over a millennium of epidemiological evidence to prove it, and that's about 990 years more than any commercial health elixir on store shelves.

The problem is that researchers keep getting paid to do bogus research and keep everyone guessing. A few decades and billions of dollars of studies later, haven't we had enough of this scam?

Batya said...

Hadassa, swag, yes it's just common sense that coffee, like many other delicious foods is best in moderation. And as swag said, multiple research projects just waste money.