Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Video To Get Into the Purim Mood

Thanks to Marvin Schotten who sent me this great version of Raise Your Mask Purim by The Fountainheads in the comments of the previous post.

It's hard to believe that Purim is in a week. Yes, this year it's a bit complicated. The Fast of Ester will be next Thursday, and then instead of going straight into Purim, we observe Shabbat, and then after Shabbat we celebrate Purim. And in Shiloh, we have a double Purim, with two feasts, four Megillat Ester readings and two days of costumes and Mishloach Manot.

And contrary to previous years, my freezer is still much too full. I did pull out a meatloaf to serve on Shabbat and encouraged the invited guests to come Friday night when I'll be serving my version of Buffalo Wings and not the from who knows when meatloaf.

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