Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baking? Do People Really Eat All the Purim Food?

I'm going to bake a few cakes for Purim's mishoach manot, the food gifts we give.  They will be in aluminum pans, so they'll be clean and there will be a better chance that someone will eat them.  Slices of cake generally just get dumped.

I also bought a couple of things to add.  I'm making very simple things.   I bought nice wrapping paper, too.

I have flour and chocaltae chips and fruit juice to use up.

I can't believe that I want the house kosher for Passover in just four weeks!


Hadassa (no relation) said...

We do. The first manot to arrive are eaten for breakfast, because the giver sent foods suitable for breakfast. Really. Both in K'far Darom and Elon Moreh we have a few early bird neighbors who like to do their mitzvot early on Purim. The later manot go with the meal. I suppose this doesn't work in areas where people give a lot of junk food. We've received good feedback on the manot that we've given also. Choose the foods wisely, don't give huge portions and all will be eaten. Giving cakes, kugels and the like that can be frozen is a good way to elimnate waste also.
Let's not forget the spend as much on the evionim, the poor, as we do reinforcing friendship bonds with our friends and neighbors.

Batya said...

Hadassa, that makes sense, and I'm sure your kids enjoy the custom.
One of the reasons I don't give unwrapped foods, like just some popcorn on a plate mixed with other things, is that I don't want the food to seem like garbage. I think it's better to give less and have it all "clean."
I guess I'm very fussy.