Monday, March 28, 2011

My Unofficial "Reading Glasses G'mach," Lending Service

Just as I was about to light Shabbat candles last Friday night, there was a knock on the door.  It was a neighbor with her guest.  Very apologetically they explained that the guest had forgotten to bring her reading glasses.
"...and how can one spend a Shabbat without reading?"
My neighbor was pretty sure that I, being of that age, was sure to have an extra pair.  Among a number of friends it's well-known that I lend out reading glasses.  One friend who is a frequent Shabbat guest knows that she doesn't need to bring hers, because she can always borrow one of mine.  Another friend has called to borrow some when hers were broken or couldn't be found.

I was very happy to help out these friends.  But I just couldn't find the usual ones I lend out.  So I gave her my full-frame ones normally used for the den computer, the second pair I ever bought which are about fifteen years old.  I even provided a box.

Then a few minutes later there was another knock on the door.  Very, very apologetically, the same two were upset to tell me that when cleaning the glasses the frame had broken.
"No big deal.  These are very old." I replied.  "I'll find you some others."
First I found a broken pair, just missing one of the parts that goes over the ear.  Then suddenly I saw the usual lenders in their box.  I had bought them just for these sorts of emergencies and cost less than NS10- under $3-.

Maybe I'll take the old ones to my optician to see if they can be repaired.

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