Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pet Peeve, Sorry It's A Rant

I have no problem giving a neighbor milk when I have extra and they're in need.  As long as it's returned before I need more, and... as long as it's the same sort of milk we drink. 

We drink regular milk, not skimmed.  I find skimmed nauseating and unhealthy.  I've never adopted the theory that a couple of percent of milk fat is unhealthy.  On the contrary, I think that it's very healthy, and milk with the natural fats is much healthier.  There are more lactose intolerance problems from fat-free dairy products.  Many people whose bodies can't handle milk can eat butter without any repercussions.

I don't like processed foods, and industrial skimming of milk is definitely a "process."  In recent years, I've cut back almost totally on dairy products.  The only dairy product in my daily diet is milk in my coffee.  Here in Israel we have fewer manufactured food products with "hidden dairy."  It's not like in America or Europe.  Because of kashrut, Jewish Dietary Laws, we must know if there's dairy, because it's forbidden to eat dairy with meat and poultry. 

One of the points I'll have to make in my book review of Jamie Geller's Quick & Kosher (and any other kosher cookbook) is that it's not enough to tell the readers to buy rolls or breads or breakfast cereals or cookies/cakes etc. If they are to be used with meat, like hamburger rolls etc, they must be parve, not dairy.  When I was shopping with someone who doesn't keep kosher in the states, I kept having to say:
"No, not that bread; it's dairy."
Skimmed and fat-free dairy products don't keep as long as the fatty or natural ones.

Food for thought, my friends...

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