Monday, March 07, 2011

Quick and Easy Vegetable Soup

Yesterday I decided to make myself a vegetable soup, but I didn't have all that much time. 
  • I put some water up to boil
  • I took some dried split peas, cleaned and rinsed them
  • I added the peas to water in a big pot and kept up the boiling
  • I got an onion, carrots, parsley roots and squash ready for the food processor
  • I shredded all the vegetables and added them, along with some oil, to the boiling peas
  • and I kept adding more boiling water to the cooking soup
  • then I added some salt, pepper and dehydrated parsley
  • it continued simmering for a half hour
And yes, I ended up with a nice big pot of soup.  Later on when it cooled, I put some in small containers for the freezer and the rest is waiting for me in the fridge.


Mrs. S. said...

Easy and delicious - my kind of recipe!

Chodesh tov u'mevorach!

Batya said...

Usually I avoid the food processor, because it's another thing to clean, but I bit the bullet. Good thing, it made it all so much quicker.

Hadassa said...

Keep this in mind for Purim. I've both given and received similar soup as one of the two manot. It's very well liked.

Batya said...

We have neighbors who count on getting my soup on Purim.

Hadassa said...

Good. Spread the word. Let's start a healthy tradition. Even if many families give soup, the portions are generally small enough that there isn't too much for one meal. I'll send you a recipe for the second mana. It's healthy too.

Batya said...

Hadassa, thanks, I'll post it.

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

very good recipe

mine is similar, except I usually use celery (stalks) instead of parsley root.

I also usually add barley but I know you omit the carbs.

and I dice the veggies instead of using a food processor - for exactly the reason you mentioned.

Batya said...

Actually, last night I added celeriac to the soup.