Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Blog Across the Street

A few weeks ago, a neighbor called me asking if I'd help her start a blog.  So I walked over, as far as directly across the street, and sat with her by her computer.  We opened an account for her on blogger, which she likes, since it's a great deal considering the cost, zero.  We chose a simple template, added the title, picture etc.  This week I went over again to help get her started.

She was very lucky that It's All From Hashem hadn't been taken.  Yes, that's the name.  You can click it to read what she has posted.  She's an experienced, published writer who writes about her life here and her past.

I'm one of the more veteran bloggers, and I'm so grateful to all those who have helped me over the years.  Total strangers, who knew me only from my blog spent time trying to explain all sorts of blogger lingo and technical stuff.  My blog banners were done by Sarah.  Years ago, Akiva fixed my old templates, making them look and function better.  Others who have helped me are Risa, Leora and many more including some who no longer blog.  So, yes, it's a great pleasure to pass on to a good neighbor some of the skills and expertise I've picked up over the years.

There's a Jewish saying when you're thanking someone for helping you:
"Tizke/i l'mitzvot."
"May you be rewarded with mitzvot."
You can spin this to mean that when you do the same mitzvah to another, the reward is shared with the one who helped you.  It's like a glorious pyramid, where mitzvot "credits" keep increasing as everyone you've helped help others.  The mitzvah pyramid gets larger and larger as we pass on the help, the good deeds.  Yes, that's how I wish to thank those who have helped me, those I've named and those I haven't.  I thank all of you.

Chodesh Tov, 
May the month of Adar reverse all bad and make it all good.

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