Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm So Lucky; G-d Is Good

I am very thankful to G-d.

A lot of my traveling and logistics are triumphs of split second decisions and timing and even more the goodness  of others for which I thank G-d.

We don't have a car, never did.  I used to drive but haven't for almost 29 years.

We believe in the importance of public transportation.  This is supplemented by חסד chessed, the goodness and generosity of other people.

One of the things that contributed to my "burn-out" when teaching in Beit El was that it's a difficult place to get to from Shiloh and even harder to get out of if you need to go in the direction of Shiloh.  Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin is much easier in that respect, although there are shifts which do make me nervous about "how I'll get home..."

Last night was one of those...
I had the late shift.  At first I wasn't worried, since there was someone there who had given me rides in the past.  But just to be safe, I checked with him, asking if he had his car.  Negative, no, that's right, no ride.  He was expecting to tremp home. That put me in a nervous mood, hard to concentrate.  I did my best to work, but I was distracted with worry.

A couple of hours before my shift was to end, someone who lives near me offered a ride home, but I had to decline.  As the end of the shift got closer I got more nervous.  I hadn't seen a single familiar face from home in Rami Levi.  I spoke to the guard asking if he knew of anyone to Ofra--zero, nada.

I had visions of myself on the bus stop bench all night.  But then on the other hand I knew that it would be fine.  G-d has been very good to me since working in Yafiz. I've always had a relatively easy trip home.  I got back to work, trying to distract myself from worry.

Suddenly I saw a familiar face at the other end of the store.  Yes, a neighbor had stopped in on her way home.

G-d is good!!


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Baruch Hashem!

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