Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I don't like to complain, but...

...this was not my best day at work.

My Tenth Graders, the two who showed up, out of the three good ones, were OK and did the assignment. The third had a test in another subject. Yes, I do have small groups. I teach the weakest students, and there's a high attrition rate.

Then, instead of taking a break between classes, I made the stupid mistake of asking one of my bosses a question. And I didn't like the answer.

Then I had the Ninth Grade which has been recently reinforced, since another teacher went on maternity leave. The change in numbers has disoriented my regulars and thrown them out of their good behavior. Now I have to try to get them back on track. Today was a disaster. The new kids came in, sort of, ok, but one of my regulars, the top kid in the group, was in a hyper-state, singing and dancing around.

Then two others came in with flowers. Why? I don't know!

Before I could react, the petals were all over, and I threw the boys out.

The hyper one only calmed down after he disappeared for twenty minutes and returned towards the end of the second lesson. Most of the new students disappeared, but one did work well until I dismissed the class when another teacher said he was leaving and would drive me part-way home.

I managed to write a report to the administration and photocopied it before leaving.

Tomorrow's my day off.

Thank G-d!


Anonymous said...

Oy. High school.

If you asked the kids, even later on, I don't know if they would be able to explain their actions.

Sometimes high school seems like camp.

Oh, the stories I have...

Batya said...

I was an angel except http://shilohmusings.blogspot.com/2007/04/six-days-in-june-1967.html, but there was a war going on.

marallyn ben moshe said...

oy...some days you simply want to put a bag over your head, sit on the floor, and cry...godda keep a sense of humour or they win lolol...great post...sorry you had such a kaki day...can you say kaki online?

Batya said...

thanks m'dear, I survived, B"H!
I guess you can say it, since the "police"
don't know Hebrew.