Wednesday, October 22, 2008

After Succot--Already?

It's hard to believe that the big Jewish Holiday is over. Our succah is still up. G-d willing, my "baby" will take it down today. Until then, I'll have to hang laundry in the house, since I can't get to the clotheslines. Minor problems.

Simchat Torah was great fun in our neighborhood. Baruch Hashem!

Of course, tomorrow I already have to start preparing for Shabbat. I've eaten too much and exercised too little. The two fast days in the holiday season, Tzom Gedalia and Yom Kippur aren't enough. And I don't know how Jewish people out of Israel manage with even more sedentary eating days, aka "second day yomtov."

I uploaded a couple more of my "short movies." One shows confusion during the traffic jam by the shopping center and the other was taken at the weaving workshop at Tel Shiloh.

So, here they are:


JJ said...

Our succah is also still up. I can't wait til my husband and the boys take it down and get it all put away. Now that the holiday is over, it's suddenly become such an eyesore!

I'm also fooded-out. But before we know it it'll be Shabbat- and yet more food!

Batya said...

B"H, when I returned from babysitting, I discovered that my "baby" had taken down the succah. I hope that tomorrow is a good laundry day. After that it can rain.