Thursday, October 30, 2008

For the JBlog Carnivals

There seems to be real problems in Blog Carnival, the site we've come dependent on to deliver links to carnival hosts and publicize blog carnivals. The site hasn't been up much recently. When I did the latest Kosher Cooking Carnival, I didn't get its collection of links, instant carnival.

Lucky for me, my carnival creating techniques were hatched pre-bc. You can find them here:

How To Host a Blog Carnival #1
How To Host a Blog Carnival #2

It looks like we have to go back to emailing links to hosts and/or carnival coordinators. Mail links to carnival hosts, if you know their addresses, or heads:

Jack, Havel Havelim: talktojacknow at sbcglobal dot net, jpix: frumhouse, jpixcarnival at gmail dot com or frumhouse at gmail dot com, Kosher Cooking Carnival: to me, shilohmuse at yahoo dot com.

The show must go on!


Anonymous said...

hey Batya when I did my carnival I didn;'t on ly rely on links sent- I went through my blogroll and linked up random ppl who had no idea what a carnival is

Batya said...

Hesh, it's not just a matter of the host needing the links, the bloggers want the exposure of being in a carnival and need to send their posts in somehow.