Saturday, October 04, 2008

19's An Odd Number--JPIX

19 Indivisible
and Rather Zaftig

Way back when Mr. BagelBlogger, very ably assisted by his beautiful wife, the lovely Baleboosteh, took up my challenge and started JPIX-The Jbloggers Picture Carnival. Seventeen editions later they retired from the jblogging scene.

A couple of months ago
Little Frumhouse announced that she wanted to bring JPIX back to life. And she did! If you're interested in hosting one, or blog carnival—for sending links is "down" you can contact her at

Please have the blog-courtesy to post about this and mail the link around, too. Thank you!

While I still, hopefully, have your attention, a word from our sponsor, I'd like to remind you that there are two other jblog—Jewish Blogger—carnivals,
Kosher Cooking Carnival and Havel Havelim. KCC accepts posts about all aspects of kosher cooking, including Halacha, tradition, jokes, anecdotes, restaurant and cookbook reviews. Send your links here. HH includes all sorts of posts about anything Jewish or Israeli; send your links here.

There seems to be a problem with some of the blogger posts, and I'll try to fix it, but I found that if I delete the slash / at the end of the link in the box and then press enter, the post comes up just fine. There may be a problem with the template I've been using, which doesn't need a slash for blogger. Sorry.

I am going to try something very new and complicated for this edition. Leora has been trying to teach me how to embed links into pictures. So, my plan is to chose a picture from each post submitted to this JPIX, and when you click it you'll get to the original post and discover who blogged it. If it works, it should be great, and if it doesn't, it doesn't, and I'll have to repeat the remedial blogging course. Actually, it's working with one, minor problem; I can't control the sizes.

How I did this:
First I copy (a few times) the basic code from Leora's instructions, and then I substitute the crucial links with the post and picture links from the participating blogs. Yes, I'm doing it on word, like
I prepare all of my carnival posts.

duplicated the trial run, and it seems to work. So now, dig in and enjoy by clicking each picture and visiting the posts. And please post this carnival on your blog and send its link to everyone you can think of plus.

So, it's like riding a roller coaster. Strap yourself in and hang onto your seats! And I hope that the carnival post isn't too big, long and heavy. Here goes!











old stairs



























I'm pretty sure that I included every blogger who sent something in. Towards the end I realized that it was getting quite enormous, and I began limiting the amount of posts per blogger. I really wonder how many blogs you'll be looking at. Most of the posts included more than the one picture I put up. So there really is a lot to see.

Enjoy! Please blog about it on your blogs, and pass around the link and encourage everybody to click the pictures and meet the blogs.

Thank you!


Pesky Settler said...

I keep getting blog not found errors.

Batya said...

ok pesky, it would help to be more specific, but I'll start checking and fixing

Anonymous said...

Not working! I only caught 1 of them!

Rahel Jaskow said...

Thank you for a great carnival, and for including my photos!

Risa Tzohar said...

Very impressive! I am not having any trouble with the links yet (not finished but it seems to be going well).
Kol Hakavod and yasher koach. It must have taken great effort.

Leora said...

This is wonderful! The pomegranate photo is fabulous. Makes me want to go eat one now...

Maybe I'll teach you how to do thumbnails? After you learn how to get the links right? The crocs in the pool need a link. By running my mouse over the pic and looking in the status bar the bottom of the browser window, I could see where they are from.

Thanks for all the hard work. I guess next month is my turn...

frumhouse said...

Great photos and great edition!!

SuperRaizy said...

This carnival is wonderful. What gorgeous pictures.

Batya said...

First of all, I can't take credit for the beautiful pictures, since I didn't photograph all of them.

There's lots of talent in the jblog world.

I must thank all of you. Carnivals are group/community efforts.

ps If there are still glitches, I'll try to fix them later.

YMedad said...

So that's where yopu've been spending all that time. Great job. Thanks for including a few of my shots.

Anonymous said...

Great job.

Batya said...

Thanks, again.
And please let me know which clicks don't work. I'll try to fix them.

nmf #7 said...

Wow- absolutely stunning!
Thank you!

Batya said...

n, all I did was post the gorgeous pictures others photogrpahed.

A Living Nadneyda said...

Lovely collection. I linked it.

גמר חתימה טובה.

Jaded Topaz said...

Muse, Uhmmm , I’m not sure or I have no idea how my Macy’s Christmas holiday scene in the window photo became part of your Jpix showcasing and Jblogging “community” spirit.
For the record though, on this particular photo shot I was focusing exclusively on the ornaments and the stepladder, the complete tree, cartoon tree decorator and Santa Claus in full are featured in other photographs of this particular holiday window scene.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you decide you want a clearer photo of Santa Claus, his cartoon character helper, the fine fern in the background and or the Christmas tree in its sparkle n glitter entirety.
Or any Christmas holiday scenes in NYC, it’s my favorite holiday and I’ve got quite the extensive Christmas in the City photography collection to prove it.

And with all this “community” spirit in the air this Elul, maybe we could do a mix n match cartoons n allegorical holiday n parading in the city photo edition – Something like Santa Claus does Shmittah in New York and also decorates a Succah and then parades through the parks in the Thank-G-d parade, mingling with Elmo, the Easter Bunny, Elf and Shrek. The Care Bears, Mendel the Mouse from the old Olemeinus, Dov Dov, Boruch(the one that learns his brochos) Sponge Bob, Tiggy and Hoppity ( from the happy ending series) and the Rugrats can come too for the Thank-G-d for Fairy Tales, Cartoons and the DH parade.

Maybe Mendel the Mouse atop his alma mater the Olemeinu float could be handing out kosher lulav and esrog second to none bouquets for the groupies.
Oh and what’s a heartfelt parade without a weeping LWMO Torah!
Or RWMO classical carols originally sung by RYBS.
The RWUO and LWUO's should sponsor a Bleach manufacturer and House of Worship and Riding mobile modesty partition company for their float its never too early for Truth's debut.

And maybe we could get the Golem to make the trip, and explain loud and clear once and for all those far-fetched metaphors, mix n match historical inconsistencies, fairy tales and drash from atop the Artscroll (Fairy Tale edition) float perch.
I think Pippi Longstocking would be perfect for reading excerpts/footnotes and insights from Artscrolls Rosh Hashanah “complete edition”.

Maybe Santa and the Easter Bunny can help build and establish a new house of worship in time for Yom Kippur. (No balconies for the women!)

Yup, it’s all about networking, communities and connecting.

Batya said...

nad, thanks

topaz, should I delete?

Rabbi Seinfeld said...

Beautiful, yashar koach!

Batya said...

And thank you!

Leah said...

I love the sunset through the arched window. Also the geese in the cemetery! :-)

Batya said...

yes, for sure