Friday, October 31, 2008

Fresh Juice, The Healthiest

After yesterday's visit to Tel Shiloh, I began walking up the hill. I didn't get far. Actually, it was right after I waved my friends goodbye, when I saw something interesting.

I saw a couple of guys juicing pomegranates.

Shiloh has the perfect climate for the Biblical fruits, like pomegranates, grapes, figs etc. And one of my neighbors sells bottled pomegranate juice. Natural health enthusiasts consider it extremely healthy.

I was given a cup to drink.

It really was delicious, and just perfect so soon after the flu.


Leora said...

Pomegranate juice gets top rating from the health gurus. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

2 oz. a day is enough to get the health benefits.

Batya said...

leora, t, thanks for the added info.
It really was delicious! I'm glad it was healthy, too.