Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fly Away Flu Potions

My general cure for the aches and pains and coughs and sniffles and... of viruses and flues is lemon juice, freshly squeezed and diluted with water. When I'm miserably sick it goes down alright, but when I'm better it's disgusting. Or once I can't get another cut or drop into me, I consider it a sign of good health. I also make a plain "soup" or bullion out of miso. I put a spoon of it in a cup and then drink it. I find this much more effective than honey.

When I kvetched about feeling awful, leora sent me her potion:

I'll give you my throat concoction: peel and slice a garlic clove (or 2). Put the garlic in a mug. Slice off peel from a ginger root; cut some ginger root into the mug. Add hot water. Add hot pepper sauce (or a hot pepper).If too spicy for you, add some honey. Can you get herbal remedies with astralagus root?

And on Friday, when I staggered, obviously under the weather, into our local greengrocer, he gave me a slice of horseradish which I had to chew. Later on when he delivered lemons, which in my flu fog I had forgotten, he told me to have three cups of chamomile tea.

Flu season is beginning and the doctors have no cure for the weakening virus, so if you have any tried, tested and proven cures, please send to the comments.


And yes, I'm better, but still weaker than usual.


Mrs. S. said...

Glad to hear that you're B"H on the mend.
Chamomile tea also works well for soothing upset stomachs.
Have a good week.

Leora said...

I'm still trying to get rid of my cold. I thought it was gone on Friday, but then I started sneezing again today.

I had grapefruit tonight (Vitamin C and juicy). Maybe I'll do a post this week to gather up more home remedies.

Batya said...

thanks mrs. s for the reminder

leora, could it be allergy season by you? The horseraddish, thin slices off of the root are supposed to be good for that.

frumhouse said...

Feel better! When I was a child my mom used to make me hot water with honey for a cough. Inhaling steam in the bathroom from a hot running shower cleared up a stuffy nose and eased a cough too. She also slathered on Vick's Vapor rub around my nostrils and chest before bedtime. I don't really think that did very much, but it provided a sort of placebo effect because I thought it was medicine.

Batya said...

Thanks frumhouse
I only remember cola syrup for stomach viruses, and I can't stand cola to this day.
Maybe I didn't have too many colds as a kid.