Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Finished Yet

That's Jewish Holiday Season, three weeks plus. It's not finished yet, though we're in the home stretch. Tonight begins Simchat Torah. Here in Israel it's a one-day Holiday, combined with Shmini Atzeret. Outside of Israel, it's another two day holiday. I would certainly be many pounds/kilos heavier if I lived there. And by the time we begin recovering from Simchat Torah, we celebrate Shabbat.

After Shabbat, things calm down a bit. No holidays for two months, until Chanukah. That's why we can rationalize those fattening Chanukah treats like fried potato latkes and sufganiyot, deep-fried and coated with powdered sugar.

Yesterday, I went to Jerusalem for two things. The most important was to celebrate the engagement of the daughter of friends. Besides the occasion itself, I enjoyed the fantastic treat of seeing old friends. It's very rare for me to come across anyone I've known since before I was married, but here, besides the hosts, whom I've known since my teens, I met up with three other friends from all those decades ago. I'm so thankful that the hostess is so great at keeping up friendships. B"H

Since we had been invited to the party in Jerusalem, it was the perfect day to do a bissel shopping. Finally, I'm becoming better at using those "shopping coupons." I got us a new electric kettle in Hamashbir and recordable cd's and a cd album at great prices at ACE. I read the list of stores more carefully and discovered that Freid Linens is on the list, so I can get some new mattress covers.

Oh, and the added bonus of the day... After schlepeping my purchases from downtown to my husband's office, wondering how I was going to bring them to the party, I discovered neighbors at the Begin Center, and they took the heavy bag home. B'ezret Hashem, I'll pick it up from them after I'm dressed.

Now, off to continue my day.
Chag Sameach!

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