Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chanukah, Passed the Half-Way Mark

The eight days of the Chanukah always seem to speed by after day three.  The first couple of days start slowly, and then, suddenly we've lit five candles already.  How could it be?

That means that tomorrow night's the sixth, leaving us only two more days after that.

We do have lots more planned. A couple of parties to keep us lively, another night at work and then the Begin Prize Ceremony. And after that I must figure out how to get my weight down.

I can dance to this Chanukah song by Avraham Rosenblum, formerly of the Diaspora Yeshiva Band.

It's new to youtube. When I watched, I wondered how Rosenblum still looked so young. Then I read his note about it. It's from a 1996 TV show as part of a multicultural holiday program he had appeared in.

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