Friday, December 16, 2011

A Fun and Simple Chanukah Game for The Entire Family

A number of years ago, I adapted a classic children's game of my youth, "pin the tail on the donkey" and made "pin the candle on the chanukiya."

We don't play it every year, but we've played it many times.  It does help when you have just the right amount of people attending the Chanukah party, but since you have to make your own pinning poster, you can be creative and flexible or use teams.

To make things more fun, creative and participatory, I've had the kids decorate all of the "candles."  That gives them something extra to do.  There's always a time at these family (or community) get-togethers when you want to keep the kids busy.

Yes, it's time to plan your Chanukah events.  We're making progress, B"H, on ours.


Baleboosteh said...

Brilliant idea! I'm going to try it out with the girls - I'm sure they will love it!

Batya said...

Baleboosteh, I'm sure they will. And the big ones can do the poster. All you have to do is show them my blog post!