Thursday, December 29, 2011

Slow Progress, A Walker's Jerusalem

Since I now study once a week in Matan, I've gotten to know the trendy German Colony, Emek Refaim neighborhood of Jerusalem.  That part of Jerusalem, from Talpiyot, Bakaa, to Rechaviya, Sha'are Chesed and Talbiya, to town, Nachla'ot, and further are made for walking.  There are all these paths connecting streets etc.  When we made aliyah, in 1970, very few people had cars.  Buses were frequent; stops were close to each other and people walked.

When the old trains stopped running, the tracks became a walking path. 

They were rocky and weed-filled, a nice adventure or short-cut.  Last year a section was "gussied up" and made into a park/bicycle path of sorts.

It has been taking a long time to fix up the next section, the one which may cut a minute off of my walk.

It's not that I mind the minute's walk, I just like the idea of getting to know more ways of getting to Matan.  Rashbag Street is in between the tracks and the street I've been taking.  It's nice to have some variety.  Bli neder, I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Leora said...

The top one looks like one you have posted before?

Lovely views of the areas of the tracks. JPiX worthy, of course (although someone reported blogcarnival is down, again, sigh).

Batya said...

Leora, no surprise, but you have a good visual memory. The first and last pictures are of the same place, taken a few years apart. I had blogged about walking to Matan via the train-tracks. Now they're making a park there, so it'll be like the new park in the other section.