Thursday, December 08, 2011

You're Not Going To Believe This One, Totally True and Happened to Me!

The other night at work at Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin, a young woman came up to me:

"You look familiar."
I looked at her.  She didn't look at all familiar, but recognizing people isn't one of my talents.  And being my age, with a handful of kids and having worked at so many places, I've been in contact with more people than even the most brilliant could ever remember.

"Are you ---'s mother?"
"Yes, where did you know her from?"
--- is forty years old, so she, too, has lived "many lives," gone to various schools etc.  She is of the first graduating class of the Beit El elementary school, so I guessed that could be their common history.

"We went to gan (nursery school) together."

Well, that daughter only went to gan  in Israel one year, when she was three years old.  The following year we went on shlichut  to London and worked to promote the Betar Zionist Youth Organization.  Do the math.  Yes, that means that she saw the young, mid-twenties me, in today's senior discount me!  That's something!  Even if she had some visual memories of how I looked after we came back to Bayit v'Gan, Jerusalem from London, you must remember that we're in Shiloh for thirty years already. 

How can anyone connect those two images?  I'm fatter, and I've aged!


Harriet said...

you are NOT fatter! and you still have the same face! (which is now back to it's young proportions!)

Love H

Batya said...

H, we've known each other forever, and Spiegleman genes are pretty good, but still... I couldn't fit into my old clothes... Love, B