Friday, December 09, 2011

Learning Something New, To Be a Video News Photographer

I don't know if I'll really make a living from it, but our regional council announced that it was offering a "photography course," and I signed up.  I had absolutely no idea what it was aiming to teach, but since it was a night I don't work, and I'm always taking pictures, and there was a neighbor who could drive me, I signed up.  Oops, that's quite a convoluted sentence. Sorry

It ends up that there's a newish news agency Tatzpit that wants "raw material" from hashetach, the field, and they figured that people like me can contribute.  It ends up that they want more video than stills, so we're getting a few hours of training.

I have learned some tips; so it's not a waste.  There's still a session or two until the course is finished. 

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