Saturday, December 03, 2011

Taking A Walk, Lots of Pictures

I don't get to walk enough recently.  I do have some mornings at home, but I'm usually too tired or too busy or both.  The other day it just felt like the right day to walk, the right thing to do.  But I didn't just feel like walking around the neighborhood.  That gets boring.  I do it a lot.  I wanted to walk across the street, keep going and walk to Shvut Rachel.  It's actually very close.  There's a road connecting us, but it's not paved.  There's a cute little caravan neighborhood with mostly small and young families there.

So, I called a friend who said she could walk with me, and we walked to Shvut Rachel and back.  Here are a few pictures.

Yes, the benches are a nice touch, but I doubt if there's much to watch in the basketball court.

Some of the gardens are very impressive, especially considering that caravans are considered temporary housing.  It certainly looks much nicer than my garden, and I'm not being modest.

This little street seems very well cared-for.

G-d willing with time and more rain, it will be full of wild flowers.

Always expect the "unexpected."
When we got back, we noticed that there was some gafitti in the "sports complex."


Anonymous said...

you get bored walking around israel?! ive been here for years and that hasnt happened yet.
you know, if youd get rid of the basketball courts you would have a spectacular view...

Batya said...

a, No, I don't "get bored walking around israel." I just get bored walking alone in the neighborhood. Frequently, I find walking partners by chance, G-d's gift/planning. And for me, all signs of Jewish life, even those basketball courts, make the view even more spectacular.