Thursday, March 01, 2012

It's Raining And Storming

No snow here, but the rain is cold.  It's windy and it's still dark outside.  Yes, I'm already up.  There had been snow alerts, and last night someone on facebook said her daughter reported snow where she studies, but not here.  It depends on how high the mountain.  For Israel, we're high but not high enough so far.  We've had snow, many times.

Rain doesn't make such pretty pictures, at least at first glance.  But without the rain, we'll all die. 

This year's oranges and other citrus fruits are the most delicious we've had for years.  That's because our first rains were on time.  "On time" in our part of  he world means about a week after Simchat Torah, early fall.  And it rained more than once early in the season.  Without rain, the fruit is dry and bitter.  Artificial irrigation just doesn't make the same sort of flavor, juiciness.

I don't mind posting old snow pictures.  I just don't feel like being snowed in.  It's no fun in an "empty nest."

"Mixed snow and rain"  is the forecast for Shabbat.  The roads will be dangerous the next few days, because near Ofra and Beit El it will be icy and slushy.  I was in an accident around there a few years ago.  Thank G-d we weren't hurt.

Stay safe.


Lady-Light said...

Batya, it is POURING CATS AND DOGS outside as I write this in my daughter's little Tel-Aviv apartment (komat karka, I might add--very cold and damp).
This year just HAS to be a record year--I don't care what anybody says!
I've lived in Colorado for 27 years, and I have to say that I'm freezing my pupek off (no insulation, carpeting, and sparse heat).

Batya said...

Homes here aren't made for cold and rain, especially in Tel Aviv.