Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tonight's Plan Is...

No, it's not to clean for Pesach.  I almost never clean on a Saturday night after Shabbat.  It just destroys the Shabbat peace for me.

I wasn't raised in a Torah observant home.  I wasn't raised with Shabbat.  In the years before I became religious, I didn't even "know" that there existed a Shabbat and I was missing it.

That included the years I was in NCSY, but I wasn't yet an Orthodox Jew.  The Shabbatot I enjoyed at NCSY Shabbatonim, "conclaves" and conventions were more carnival-like with spiritual lectures and lots of spirited dancing.  They were very intense; nothing like what Shabbat really is in real life.

Now after decades of Sabbath observance, Shabbat is a totally different experience.  Real Shabbat isn't a party.  It's still a break from real life, no work, phone, computer, shopping etc.  Those early Shabbat experiences were more like getting a new motor going, putting in Torah fuel into my life and changing my life completely.

It's sort of like when someone is being taught how to ride a bicycle and someone pushes and runs along until the new rider picks up enough speed to ride independently. 

How did I get onto that topic?

My plans for tonight are to:
  • Do the Chodesh Nisan Kosher Cooking Carnival
  • Go to a miraculous Sheva Brachot (post wedding celebration.)  The groom has just finished treatment for a difficult disease and he got married.
Next month it'll be hosted by  .  Details to follow.  You can join our facebook page.

Have a great week!

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althea said...

Exactly, do you practice Sabbath like that? I am also Koshers reader, how does your dish end up? I hope I am there to taste some.
Thanks for sharing.

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