Friday, March 30, 2012

Yummy Escape From Building Noise Downtown Jerusalem

The other day I met a dear friend for lunch in Jerusalem.  Usually we dine in her "independent senior living" dining room, but I had to be downtown Jerusalem, so we decided to go to an old favorite of hers, the Anna Ticho House, which is a branch of the Israel Museum.  She had the house salad, which has grilled salmon and was large enough for her to take home and provide a few more meals.  I ate their tuna salad, which was delicious.

It actually came with a potato, but I asked the waitress to have it removed.  She gladly complied and even told me that I could have whatever I wanted added to replace it.  So I asked for more salad.  Service and atmosphere were perfect.  And of course, the food was delicious.

We ate inside, because that area of Jerusalem is a major building site.  All sorts of new luxury apartment buildings are going up.  No doubt that in a year or so, it'll quiet down and once again be park-like, though with less sun.

It's located at 9 HaRav Kook Street, a block and world away from Zion Square.


Sandra said...

Love that place,but sorry to hear about the noise! Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful Pesach! Sandra in the UK

Batya said...

Sandra, inside it's still lovely.
Chag Kasher vSameach