Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can't Eat The Food Quickly Enough

Our freezer is still too full, considering that I want to switch to Pesach in a week.

These were taken a few days ago.  It is a bit emptier now, and you should know that the top shelf of the freezer already has Kosher for Passover chicken I already bought in Rami Levi. 

Shabbat will have a strange menu, since we'll be eating things from the freezer.  A lot of the food can be "sold" for Pesach, a Halachik (Jewish Law) process so that everything doesn't have to be tossed.  If we were wealthier, we'd donate more leftover chametz or non-KP kitniyot to charities.  Our financial situation isn't as good as it was when we were both working full-time.  There are so many things I haven't bought for months, but we still haven't finished them, like rice and dried peas.

We also have too much bread, challah and rolls in the freezer.  At least my husband can eat sandwiches everyday.  And yesterday I ate out with a friend and took  home the delicious rolls they served.  He got one of them today sliced into sandwiches.

I also have a giant package of the freezable "popsicles in a bag," the Israeli ones without food coloring.  I had bought them last summer for the grandkids who hardly visited.  I'll have to give them to neighbors.

That's it for now.  Back to work


Uri DeYoung said...

We've had great chametz: peanut butter granola, bread kugel loaded with veggies and almost toasted, the last couscous, apple bulgar bars.
What on earth is chametz in the freeze-pops? Can't they be saved until after Pesah or have they been around to long?

Hadassa said...

That was actually me, Hadassa DeYoung, not Uri.

Batya said...

Yes, Hadassa
I just don't have anyone around to eat the stuff.