Friday, March 16, 2012

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I couldn't sleep a full night's sleep.  I found myself awake and pondering all sorts of annoying questions before 5am, when my alarm was set for after 6.

Among the things tossing around in my head is the question of whether or not I should bake challah today.  In recent years, I've only baked a few times.  I have flour in the house and freezer, enough to bake more challah than I really need until Passover.  I even have a store-bought challah, a large one, in the freezer.  There are only a couple of Shabbatot before Pesach.  Flour isn't among the items one usually sells as chametz, and besides that a kilo of the flour is whole wheat that must be stored in the freezer.

Is this really such a major dilemma worth losing sleep over?

I also think I agreed to a not so good work schedule for next week.  I probably won't have time to see the grandkids.  One of the reasons next week is complicated is that I want to see a visiting relative before she goes back to the states.  I was supposed to see her this week, after she landed, but jetlag interfered and she slept through our planned get-together.

Yes, too many things, including how to prepare and pay for Passover.  It's a very complicated and expensive holiday.

Dry Bones
Yes, the pre-Pesach preparation is very stressful.  I'm a terrible housekeeper. Too bad I didn't make myself a very lucrative career, one that would have made me rich enough to hire people to clean my home. 

Enough kvetching already.  Time to use that extra hour plus for something much more useful and important.

On with my day...


Hadassa said...

It depends completely on your personality. I love to bake and wouldn't pass up the opportunity, but you have to do what's right for you. I'd also ask a few neighborhood bakers if they need "just one more kilo" before Pesah.
Shabbat shalom.

Batya said...

Believe it or not, I baked, and now I have much too much challah. We'll find a way of eating it or giving it away.
The mitzvah was too irresistable.