Thursday, March 08, 2012

Something Pretty For Purim

Here are some of the Mishloach Manot, Purim food gifts, we'll be giving this year.  Actually, there isn't much to them, but the wrapping gives it an extra sparkle.  Inside there are a small homemade/baked challah roll and some candy.  We can't afford anything fancy or expensive.  The containers didn't cost anything.  Of course, I won't be offended if people just pass the candy to other recipients until it gets to someone who is allowed it.  I do recommend eating the challah, even as a snack with some sweet butter.  I also made a giant batch of vegetable soup.  Some neighbors will be getting a jar of it with a challah.

Maybe I'll bake cakes for tomorrow's Purim.  We have two here in Shiloh.

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