Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Now I Understand...

Sadly, I must say, I now understand the recent actions of one of my favorite young jbloggers, who recently took the drastic step of deleting the contents of her popular blog.

A post, Orthodox Blogger Bullies," on a new to me blog, Chicago Carless revealed the sordid truth of why she had felt it necessary to delete the posts that told her honest, sometimes painfully honest personal and spiritual odyssey, from an ordinary American Christian girl to an Orthodox Jew. 

Especially since I had met her last year in Jerusalem, when they was still married, I consider her more than just an intenet acquaintance and fellow jblogger.

Once someone converts to Torah Judaism, he/she is a Jew.  And then, like all Jews, the personal spiritual journey will continue until the day we die.  None of us are angels.  We're all capable of being stubborn, making mistakes, even sinning, and also doing fantastically wonderful things, for people and G-d.  We Jews must remember that the only one we must answer to is G-d, HaKodesh Baruch Hu.

There are so many mitzvot, commandments in so many varied categories.  The "bookkeeping" is G-d's secret.

We're supposed to be doing teshuva, repentance all the time, constantly trying to improve ourselves.  And it's between us and G-d.  I hope that whoever it was (or they were) who made her decide to suppress her inner thoughts and life from public view will learn that the most important mitzvah  to keep mehadrin is Derech Eretz.


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

I've been following this all evening, and to be honest, it sounds like there are axes to grind all over the place. I have found Skylar (Crazy Jewish Convert of You're Not Crazy for Converting) to be an earnest and enthusiastic young giyoret and, with her "teachable moments," a helpful read for anyone considering conversion. As a BT who went through a "self-righteous" phase long ago, I can see where one might think she was being judgmental, but I don't believe for a second that she alone has the power to drive someone from the Internet altogether.
I believe Judaism (real and online) desperately needs the force, passion, and "fresh eyes" of converts and BTs, young and old, but occasionally, this passion can perhaps lead to misunderstandings.
Meanwhile, I have declared my blog a loshon-hora free zone, and hope the whole thing fizzles out quickly!

Batya said...

I hadn't been following. It's all so unnecessary