Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not Shrinking Quickly Enough Inventory

As the Passover Holiday gets closer, our home food inventory should be shrinking, but it isn't going quickly enough.  How much can two elderly dieters eat?  As I've done in the past, I've been photographing my freezer, with the door open of course.  There's no way we can finish everything, but some of the chametz can be sold for the holiday.

The freezer had really begun to look like it was emptying out, but...

... then I baked challot.  OK, so we have enough challot, rolls and bread to take us until the house is supposed to be totally kosher for Passover.

And I also have a lot of other foods to prepare and eat in the next two weeks, so we shouldn't have to buy so much.


rutimizrachi said...

Since you are looking great, I need to get in on your Plastic Bag Diet, of which I've never heard. It is certainly colorful, with lots of pinks, yellows, and blues available, presumably to cover all the basic food groups. I'll need to see recipes, of course. (Are we close enough to Purim still for me to pull this off?)

Hadassa said...

I was also wondering exactly what had to be finished before Pesah.
Batya, if you don't want to sell your hametz, can you offer to cook for neighbors who are even busier than you are?

Batya said...

ruti, so you think we just eat plastic bags... you don't know what's hidden in them I guess. We'll have to f2f without the distraction of football.

Hadassa, I can't really afford to give it all away. I'm just going to have to invite more guests and not buy a lot of things. We'll feast.

Hadassa said...

How does that posuk go? HaShem returns what one spends for Shabbat?

Batya said...

G-d willing