Friday, March 23, 2012

Tough Call, Priorities

Sometimes it's really hard to decide what to do and where to go.

Last night we had a wedding to go to.  It's a family I'm close to.  I was at their wedding and their married kids so far.  I made a great effort to find a ride to the wedding.  The day before, the chattan, groom gave me a ride up the hill and I told him that I'm looking forward to being at the wedding.

But, yes, of course there's a "but."  Things are also busy in other ways with my own kids.  One of the Jerusalem ones needed some help, so I rushed there after working all day.  And my youngest was scheduled to play in a very crucial "win or die" football game.  I had mentioned to him that we had this wedding.  I guess he hadn't really heard me, because when I called to wish him luck he was surprised that I wasn't going to be there.

Well, after mulling it over, even though I had arranged a ride from Jerusalem and had all the clothes I needed to change into, including shoes, for the wedding, I went to the game.

I'm glad that I went to the game, even though we lost.  Or should I say that I'm extra glad I was there when we lost.  Of course I'm sad that we lost, but it was an amazing game.  The crowd was totally with the losing team.  When the winners were prancing around the field in joy the losing team and fans were cheering each other.  We thanked them for their great season and "heart," and they thanked us for being for them and cheering them on rain and shine.

I'd say that's a victory, for sure.

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