Monday, March 26, 2012

Just Like in The Movies!

Last week I had one of those "just like in the movies" experiences.  A good friend (actually family, too) volunteered to take me to a bus stop after the IFL Football gameThe game had barely ended, and I knew that if I didn't leave immediately, even before kissing my favorite player, I'd miss the bus and have to take the later one.  I had already had a long day.

So we rushed out of Kraft Stadium just as the bus was leaving the bus station.  I had to hope that it would move slowly, and we had to take a fast route to the bus stops on the way to Shiloh.

I showed him that we could take Sarei Yisrael Street to try to get ahead of the bus and hopefully catch it on Sderot Eshkol (Boulevard) between Shmuel HaNavi and Ammunition Hill.  On Bar Ilan Street we passed a #170, which generally is fuller and a minute behind the #148.  There were a few buses ahead of it and we strained to see their numbers.

We were in the left lane and the buses were in the right.  We passed a #142 (if I'm not mistaken) and then the son (with younger eyes than ours) said:

"I see the #148 just ahead."

We were approaching the Bar Ilan Junction as we became neck 'n neck with my bus.  Would we get to the stop early enough to cut it off and would it stop or not?

We pulled into the stop just a fraction of a second before the bus and in front of it.  I jumped out of the car and signalled the bus driver.  He stopped and let me in.

"Just like in the movies," I said.

He smiled and took my fare. Thank G-d!  G-d is great for sure!

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